KT Law (formally Klauzer & Tremaine, LLC) opened its doors in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in April, 1990.  Our offices are located on the top level of the two-story Wells Fargo Bank Building, at 3rd and Lincoln Avenue (U. S. Highway 40).  The free city bus, your Uber driver or Alpine Taxi can drop you off at the front of the building, or there is free parking behind the bank.


Our attorneys and staff are all actively involved in this amazing community, serving on the boards of nonprofits, serving on advisory committees, contributing time to legal services, and spending time with close friends and family in our summer and winter wonderlands -- as you will see if you visit our BLOG.


Our services for clients generally fall within one of the following categories:


  1. PLANNING.  The services we provide in this category are generally for the purpose of avoiding legal problems.  We assist clients with things like:  pre-nuptial agreements; preparation of wills and trusts; advice and establishment of business entities; preparation or review of real estate contracts, leases, or other types of business agreements.
  2. ADDRESSING KNOWN ISSUES.  This category includes situations where the client recognizes that there is an issue, but there is not yet an active conflict or problem (see below).  For example, a client owns a property that does not have road access and needs a good access in order to build a house.  There, we would review the background of the situation, the related law, and work with the client on trying to find a positive resolution to the issue.
  3. ADDRESSING PROBLEMS.  Once there is a dispute, the matter will generally require litigation or some other formal dispute resolution (e.g. arbitration or mediation) to resolve.  In these situations, we work with the client to attempt to resolve the problem in a way that is acceptable/beneficial to the client.  For example, if the client had already attempted to secure access to the client’s property across a neighboring property, and the neighbor had erected a barrier, we might ask a court to order removal of the barrier and establishment of an easement/access.


Our preference is for the client to seek our advice and counsel at category 1, in order to avoid the cost and uncertainty that come with issues or problems.  In category 2 and 3 referenced above, if the client had sought assistance when planning to buy the property, a provision could have been included in the purchase contract, requiring that the seller provide good access to the property.  Thus, an issue or a problem might never have arisen for the client.


We provide a broad range of services for our clients, and most of these fall within the areas of practice that are summarized on this web site.  If one of our clients brings us a problem that is outside the areas that we know, we will work with the client to find a qualified professional to assist.  We keep a directory of professionals who we have worked with in the past and who we can recommend for special matters.


At KT Law, our first priority is to our existing clients.  New clients are considered when our workload permits, and most of our clients come from referrals – either from existing clients or from professional contacts.


KT Law Office: P.O. Box 774525, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

320 Lincoln Avenue - Second Floor

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P.O. Box 774525

Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477

320 Lincoln Avenue - Second Floor

Phone: 970-879-5003    |    Glosary of Terms



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