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Municipal Law


Klauzer & Tremaine LLC Attorneys at law - KTLawJ. Richard TremaineAttorney At LawThe area of “municipal law” involves matters of local government – cities, counties, towns, and special districts that provide services such as water, sewer and recreation.


 KT Law represents several special district governments in Routt County and works with the elected boards to provide advice on those laws which apply.  We advise these districts on their powers, their rights and their responsibilities as they provide services such as a water supply, sewer treatment, recreation or fire protection.


At times, a local government may act improperly.  Where that has occurred, KT Law has a long-standing record of holding our local government accountable.


KT Law has also helped clients:


  • Address alleged zoning violations;
  •   Resolve tax issues;
  •  Challenge development approvals or denials;
  •  Enforce zoning restrictions in residential neighborhoods.

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