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KT Law provides a broad range of services for clients related to trusts and estate - from the preparation of simple wills to the litigation of complex estate matters. Based upon our experience in litigation, we advice our estate planning clients on the preparation of documents and the designation of fiduciaries, in order to avoid conflict insofar as possible.


For prospective clients, we have established the "personal will" web site which can be accessed by simply clicking on the related icon, below. As explained on the personal will site, with a limited amount of information we can prepare a draft document for us to review with the prospective client(s). By using this process, we generally can finalize a client's will with a single meting, with a resultant savings in time and cost, instead of the two or three client meetings that are otherwise typical.




We also can and have prepared additional documents for clients, such as:


  • Living Trusts for appropriate circumstances;
  • Irrevocable Trusts;
  • Living Wills;
  • Health Care powers of attorney;
  • General powers of attorney


KT Law also assists clients with the administration of estate matters, where someone has died and their assets need to be transferred to their heirs or beneficiaries. This involves a count proceeding and formal documents (whether the deceased had a will or not), but most cases in Colorado can be handled as a "simplified" probate.


Sometimes - even where the deceased had a will - there is a dispute that arises. There, KT Law can assist a client in protecting the client's interest.


KT Law has also handled matters where:


  • An out-of-state resident has died with property in Colorado that needs to be transferred to that person's beneficiaries;
  • An estate (probate proceeding) needs to be re-opened because there was a property that did not get conveyed at the time the probate proceeding was initially done;
  • An out-of-state resident has been designated to serve as a "personal representative or a "trustee" in a Colorado estate administration.


And, where a client's estate includes property located in another state (i.e. outside Colorado), KT Law has:



  • Assisted clients in finding qualified counsel to administer such estate;
  • Assisted clients in finding qualified counsel to assist with property documents and the transfer of assets;
  • Assisted clients in finding estate-planning counsel.
Klauzer & Tremaine LLC Attorneys at law - KTLaw

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The information presented on ktlaw.com should not be construed as a solicitation for business; nor to contain legal advice.  If you send information about a potential case to Klauzer & Tremaine, LLC, we do not become your attorneys.  In fact, we may already represent someone whose position is in conflict with yours.  You should not send us documents or provide information, unless we request it.  Unless and until we both sign a written agreement, we do not represent you and have not agreed to do so.

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Klauzer & Tremaine LLC Attorneys at law - KTLaw
Klauzer & Tremaine LLC Attorneys at law - KTLaw
Klauzer & Tremaine LLC Attorneys at law - KTLaw
Klauzer & Tremaine LLC Attorneys at law - KTLaw